It is with great pleasure that I officially introduce myself to the world. My name is Solomon Edwin, some know me as Sol.

Growing up as a child I always had an affinity for numbers but not just any numbers. Specifically, numbers related to finance and logical reasoning, I was not as attracted to scientific numbers (not a big fan of Further Mathematics). So I naturally found comfort in studying accounting and business-related subjects.

I am now a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser and I have acquired over a decade of experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Outside of work, I have a wife and two children and it has been an amazing journey from meeting my wife at university 16 years ago to where we are today.

My deep roots in the church, means I have a passion for people and always want the best for those around me which is fundamentally driven by Jesus telling me to “Love my neighbor as myself”.

My first name is Solomon and I have always been very grateful to my parents for giving me this name as I personally feel it has contributed in one way or another to me having wisdom aligned to that which was endowed to King Solomon. What I have at present is likely only a fraction of that which he had but even that fraction has gone a long way in getting me to where I am today.

As I have grown in my career and finances it has become ever so clear to me that not everyone has the same level of financial wisdom required to be able to attain the financial outcomes they desire. I have therefore spent the last few years coaching those in my network to better understand finance and make better choices when it comes to money matters.

It astounds me how much effort a significant amount of people put into managing their weight loss diets and physical fitness regime, yet it is only a small number that invest any time or effort into improving their financial health. Many a research will, however, show that poor financial health is one of the main reasons for family breakdowns, unhappiness and stress. So if finances arguably have an equal or greater impact on the quality of life then I cannot stand by and watch lives crumble around me without sharing the knowledge and understanding I have on financial health. My mission, therefore, is one of financial enlightenment. Financial goals vary between most individuals but without financial enlightenment, it is rare to achieve any of the meaningful financial goals we have. For too long I have seen people lose out for a lack of knowledge and understanding. I, therefore, say “no more loss!” and introduce you to NomoloS.

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